Dr Heera Lal, IAS

An IAS by profession, a change maker by reputation and a devoted people’s person by soul, Dr. Heera Lal is an avid learner. Coming from a modest background, his desire to excel took him to the highest echelons of bureaucracy. His innovative and pathbreaking work through people-participation based on low/no-cost models has won him many national and international accolades. He is a best-selling author, noted civil servant and a sought after speaker.

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He uses his writing to draw attention towards good governance and social welfare. His work has become a platform to create awareness and spark conversations that lead to positive societal change.

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Change Maker

As a changemaker and social leader, Dr. Heera Lal has been contributing in fostering inclusivity and empowering marginalized communities. Through advocacy, mobilisation, and sustainable initiatives, I strive o create a more equitable and compassionate world for all.

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Inspirational Speaker

Enriched with valuable knowledge and wisdom garnered from life’s experiences, his talks are natural, empathetic and connect with his audiences. Through his talks, he aims to empower people on various aspects like governance, inspiration and thought leadership.

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A well known public figure, Dr. Heera Lal has won many national and international awards of repute. These awards have recognized his innovation working style across fields like water conservation, jail reforms, malnutrition, education, elections, and agriculture among others.

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Championing change - One step at a time

Dr. Heera Lal is widely respected as a changemaker as he strives to create positive change in society by challenging the status-quo using new and innovative ideas. He is driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference in the world.


He believes that positive change is not only possible but necessary. This can be achieved by unlocking human potential using the keys of empathy and compassion.

Social Innovation

He is passionate about developing and implementing new ideas, strategies, and solutions to address social challenges and improve well being of individuals and communities.

Good Governance

Driven by the goal of fostering trust and confidence in institutional ecosystems, Dr. Lal mentors on enhancing and nurturing the power of people engagement by building a collective vision.

Impact Stories

These stories illustrates how harnessing the power of people and his innovative ideas, helped him bring about change in people’s lives.

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