Climate Action Leader


Ground leadership for climate conservation

Climate Change (CC) is not a future event, it is happening now! CC is affecting all aspects of life. So, we have to arrest CC to save Mother Earth to sustain and survive!

As a ground action leader for climate change, Dr. Heera Lal has evolved cost-effective, easy-to-implement solutions to mitigate harms done by CC. As District Magistrate Banda (UP), he implemented award winning initiatives, created around people participation, which produced exemplary results like:

A.Increase in ground water level by 1.34m to reduce natural water scarcity.

B. Enhanced oxygen ecosystem by creating a symbolic ‘Oxygen Bar’ in the Oxygen Park setup by him. And, his popular ‘Tree Survival’ (Ped Jiyaon) initiative increased Banda’s green-cover, helping enrich the local environment and reducing carbon-content in atmosphere.

Before and after of oxygen park (pictures)

C. His inspiring plastic-free campaign proved to be a game changer in mobilizing people towards adoption of environment friendly plastic-substitutes, in the forms of earthen pots, jute / cloth bags, leaf utensils etc. This helped save land degradation and water pollution reduction.

Above (A+B+C) is Dr. Heera Lal’s evolved framework for climate change mitigation. This framework is easily implementable, requires no-or-low-cost expenditure, but is driven by public participation. It has proved to be a universal solution, easily adaptable and scalable across geographies and cultures - be it any house, organization, campus, district, country etc.

Dr. Heera Lal is a firm believer in the power of people, and that climate change can be reversed only through collective efforts. Dr. Heera Lal is committed to empower our society towards arresting climate change. His continuous talk sessions, intellectual meets and collaborative action has laid a robust foundation for people to become Climate Change catalysts.

A conference on Awareness & Advocacy for Climate Change to make Kirori Mal College (University of Delhi) climate positive.

Let us have a detailed look at some of Dr. Heera Lal’s pioneering initiatives and continuous work on climate change below: