Development Magnet


Dr. Heera Lal has devoted his life towards inclusive development. Rightly called a ‘Development Magnet’, Dr. Lal has been able to to attract resources, ideas, and people to bring about positive change in a community’s environment.

Dr. Heera Lal’s personality is a dynamic combination of strong north and south poles attracted to each other. The south pole in his life symbolises the hardships that he had to face early in his life. Hardships like economic scarcity and societal challenges. On the other hand, the north pole symbolises the authority, power and influence that came as part of his official duties. Dr. Lal was brilliantly able to combine the both and convert himself into a strong development magment which attracted communities and their developments alike.

It is a skill that he developed and honed over time, and one that has led to significant positive outcomes for society.

Dr Heera Lal IAS
Dr Heera Lal IAS

The first step in becoming a development magnet was to have a clear vision for what he wanted to achieve. His vision was rooted in a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of people. He focused on creating tangible, measurable outcomes that created a positive impact on people's lives. A clear vision helped him articulate his goals, inspire others to join him, and provide a roadmap for action.

The next step was to build a network of relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations. As a development magnet, he knew that he cannot achieve his goals alone and must work with others to bring about change. Building strong relationships with people who shared his vision helped him to leverage his skills, knowledge, and resources. It also created a sense of community and ownership around collective goals, which became a powerful motivator for action.

Like an ideal development magnet, he is very adaptable and flexible. The world is constantly changing, and so are the needs and aspirations of people. He was willing to adapt his strategies and tactics to meet these changing circumstances. This required a willingness to learn, experiment, and take risks.

Finally, he has a long-term perspective. Change takes time, and the road to success is often filled with setbacks and obstacles. He is able to maintain his focus and motivation over the long term, even when progress is slow or hard to measure. He is patient, persistent, and committed to his goals, even in the face of adversity.